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dimanche 2 février 2014

Cave Saint Genes

"A good wine is the one who stops you" (memories of a dinner with friends)

This cellar is hold by Jean Baptiste Capderon since 25 years. He worked in the restoration & hotel sector before going back to school to the oenology institute and then opening his cellar.

 After 10 years he turned his interest to olive oil and create a range in his shop.


Jean Baptiste suggests French wines, different liquor and a real delicatessen (olive oil, fruits vinegar, marmalade...) 

Here are the 3 wines he suggested us : 

1) Entre Deux Mers, Chateau Nardique la Graviere, 2012, 5,20€ (white) : Dry but fruity, it has 3 types of grapes which is not so common for an Entre Deux Mers. "Downright good" 

2) Chateau de Fontenille, 2009, 6,90€ (red) : a good wine, a great bordeaux. 20 years of experience, the product is guaranteed, well balanced without acidity it's perfect for any occasion. 

3) Vaucluse, Pigeoulet des Brunier, 2010, 9,60€ (red) : this wine coming from the south is however all in finesse. It's a real sunny wine. 

A lot of different oils ! 

8 Bis Rue Edmond Costedoat
33000 Bordeaux

vendredi 24 janvier 2014

C.U.V -- Cave Utile en Ville

     " C’est Un Vin Communauté Urbaine du Vin"

              " Culture Urbaine du Vin"

                      " Croise Un Vigneron, Choisir Un Vin"

Cave Utile en Ville

“Everyone has his own opinion for a wine, a good wine is that you like to drink.”

    This week we went to the cellar C.U.V which has been opened for 3 years. Created by Lénaïc Tevelle, after five years working experience in cellar, he decided to open his own cellar with great passion.

     Actually, he has 2 cellars in Bordeaux, one in the place Nansouty and another which is the one we went to. But Mr. Simon, who works at this cellar for 7 months, told us that these two stores have not exactly the same products. At this cellar, 30% bottles of Bordeaux, else bottles from other regions.

Of course, they have tasting party, but also have wine tasting classes for all the amateurs! And by the way, C.U.V provides home delivery services (max 7 bottles for individual). You can find more informations at: www.lacuv.com

Then let’s look what we have this week:

-      Saint- Emillion, Château de Bellevue 2004 (red wine) 13, 5€. This bio wine made with 95% merlot, 5% cabernet franc, very fruity and balanced, amount of acid and tannin. A little spicy fish or red meat can be a good partner with this red wine.
-      Cahors, Mas des Etoiles 2010 (red wine)  12€, when we heard Cahors, you must be think of Malbec! Yessss, this biodynamic wine is 100% Malbec, inky dense color, powerful, with a sweet mulberry and intensely juicy blackberry fruits. Very well-made, quite structured and this vinery owed by two bordelais.
-      Domaine Gayda, Figure Libre Freestyle 2011 (red wine) 12€, this bio-dynamic estate near Carcasonne is making some very interesting wines. Just take a look at its tag, you will never forget it! (one of raison we choose it) Making with 62% Syrah, 20% Grenache Noir, 9% Carignan, 6% Cabernet Franc and 3% Cinsault. Not so classic, bright ruby with purple shades, with notes of red and black berry fruit, spices and aromatic. Full bodied and powerful, tannins are very soft and a long finish, but elegant.

Find it now!

La CUV Saint-Michel

7 Place du Maucaillou
33000 Bordeaux
La  CUV  Nansouty

Agrandir le plan

264 Cours de la Somme
33800 Bordeaux

samedi 18 janvier 2014

La Cave d'Antoine

Welcome to La Cave d'Antoine ! Here is a really friendly place where Antoine is here to tell you everything you want to know about wine... After being a sommelier abroad for more than 10 years, we came back to France to realize an old dream : Having his own cellar

Located 26 rue Furtado, you can chose between 200 different wines (most of them are bio & naturals) with more than ten foreigner ones and just 25% of Bordeaux ! 

"A good wine is the one we like..."

And here are the ones he likes : 

- Geschickt, Riesling 2012, Alsace, 8.70€ (white) : Minerality and fruits are combined to give a bit of sugar to this lightweight dry white wine. Easy to drink you can match it with whatever you want... well whatever you like ! The owners word : "The more wine I taste, the more white ones I like!"

- Les Piliers de Maison Blanche, St Emilion, 2009, 10.50€ (red) : No surprises with this one, it's a high value ! Well balanced with 60% Merlot & 40% Cabernet Franc, the tannin are soft and you can feel the sun and all the fruits once you have it in mouth... 

- Domaine Nicolas Croze, L'Epicurienne, Côtes du Rhônes, 2011, 11.30€ (red) : This one is Antoine's crush ! 100% Syrah it's powerful & well balanced at the same time, tasting like black fruits. A mature wine but with this touch of freshness, that makes you feel exactly where you should be. That makes you feel good, simply... 

You should have a look on the website you'll find lots of really interesting informations and you should listen his advice on the radio France Bleu Gironde every sundays at 11.40 am (101.4)

Otherwise here is the map to find him ! 

La Cave d'Antoine,
26 rue Furtado
33800 Bordeaux

dimanche 12 janvier 2014

Le Comptoir

"A good is tasty, where you can see the winegrower behind, but everyone got its own good wine" 

For our new article, we've been to Le Comptoir where we've met Dominique, the owner. Coming from Paris, he worked into the catering sector during 20 years before moving to Bordeaux. 
"It's an opportunity that brought me here" And this is how Le Comptoir born 7 years ago. 

He choses the wine directly to the producer with a taste for independent winegrower. He likes biodynamic wines that you will see that with the 3 he suggested : 

- Bordeaux, Clos de la Dame Verte, 2012, 14,50€ (red) : Independent Belgium winegrower, 100% Merlot, burgundy vignification with soft & long tannin. With a taste of red fruits, it's a real and atypical Bordeaux 

- Cru Beaujolais, Sur la Root, 2010, 15,90€ (red) : Small tannin with soft red fruits. This wine is like a burgundy wine, the winegrower masters the nature of his vineyard. 

- Côtes du Ventoux, Les Amidyves, 2010, 14,60€ (red) : Located in the south of the Côtes du Rhône, it's a real south wine, a really sunny one. With 60% Grenache & 40% Syrah, it taste like black cherry and tapenade, a powerful wine perfect for the winter nights. 

To find out more informations click on that link

Le Comptoir,
14 rue Duffour Dubergier
33000 Bordeaux

samedi 4 janvier 2014

Wine More Time

"A good wine is that we talk about but nothing about the price!"

Hello everyone! Welcome to 2014! What's going on your holiday? Do you have any idea for the first wine of this year? 

Let's have a look at the cellar Wine More Time.

Wine More Time created by 2 wine lovers: Alexandre and Jean. This is not only a cellar, a bar beside you, but also a place to degust.

In this cellar, there are 350 bottles, among which80% wine was selected directly from proprietors. If you want to find some aging wines of Grand Cru, it can be your choice!

What's wine he suggested?

-Rhône, Saint-Joseph 2011,(red wine) 15€:Saint-Joseph vineyard on the right-bank of the Rhône, this appellation is known for its red wines which made of 100% Syrah grapes.  has expression of Pepper and spices, accompanied by violet mixed with minerals.

- Médoc, Bordeaux, Châteaux La Branne 2010, (red wine)Cru Bourgeois 9,5€. A good expression of crushed black cherry fruit, a little spicy and the tanin has a good balance. A wine can be kept for the next 8 years!

- Le moulin du gué, Domaine du Forges, Savennières 2011, 12,5€ (white wine).Why we choose this wine? 100% Chenin Blanc, a dry & crisp white wine with a high acidity and aging potential! Nosing with some toasty elements and intense herbal. Full of mature fruits, honey and floral aromas. Concentrated and mineral, definitely, a classic incarnation of the Chenin Blanc variety.

How to find it:

dimanche 29 décembre 2013

Have a day in Bègles

V & B

"A wine that make you pleasant and want to share with friends is the best one"

Mr Brice Allioux  joined  the  V&B  chain  store  for  3  years  with  his  passion  of  wine, it's a 50/50 place : 50% bar, 50%  cellar shop. In this place, you can find whatever you want, wine, beer or spirit!  With  an  open-mind  of  tasting, they  pick  the  wines from all the world, like Chile, Italy, Argentina and Australia ........

If you want to have a glass and take a bottle after happy hour, V&B is a good choice!


Just like some cellars, V&B also has wine tasting party. And in this cellar, one of the five bottles is a foreign one!

                               Let's look the 3 wines he loves:


 -Vale do Sao Francisco-Bahia-Brazil,
Rio Sol 2008 , 9,9 (red wine): Carbernet Sauvignon and Shiraz, combined to create complex wines full of bright-berry and dark-fruit flavors, but also a little spice.

-Bodega Colome - Argentine, Amalaya 2011, 11, 9€ (red wine) : Bodega Colome is nestled in the Calchaqui vally, in the Argentine Northwest founded in 1831, who has a high quality and use Biodynamic technology. 85% malbel, 10% cabernet sauvignon and 5% Syrah, this wine is bright, very fruity and with intense aromas of mulberry, cherry, ripe red fruit with a touch of pepper and chocolate.

-Piedmont DOCG - Italy, Moscato d'Asti 2012, 11, 9€. This is the wine we tasted, it's a good choice for aperitif (semi-sweet).

    -Colors: sunshine yellow, lightly sparking made from Moscato.

    -Nose: elegant floral aromas and flavors of peaches, apricot, orange and rose.

    -Tasting: very easy drink and a little sweet, the mouth was full of the aromas of flower and fruit.  

dimanche 22 décembre 2013

Let's have a walk on the other side...

"A good wine is the one we talk about"

Opened since August 2013, you just have to cross the Pont de Pierre to find this lovely and friendly cellar
Nicolas, the owner is passionate about wine and you can definitely feel it when you're speaking with him. 

With 110 referencing at the beginning, it's now turned into 240 and only after 4 months! This success is due to Nicolas, but also because it's the only one cellar on the right side, and this neighborhood is growing (slowly but surely)

Ma Cave à Vins is about talking, advising and sharing. You will definitely find something you’ll like. We didn't know the 3 wines he suggested us (tell us if you knew these wines & what you though):

     -  Sancerre, Domaine Fouassier 2011, 15.50€ (white) : From 50 hectares in biodynamic vineyards, this white wine is mineral and fruity. Smelling like chalk, it’s got a well-balanced acidity. 

- Bordeaux, Chateau Camus 2010, 9€ (red) : With Merlot and Cabernet Franc, this wine is made by a familial property located in Langon. You can drink it now and keep it for the next 5 years, you will be surprised by its freshness, fresh spice and crunchy fruits.

- Le Roc, La Folle Noire d’Ambat 2012, 10€ (red) : With a rare cepage the Négrette, this wine is coming from Toulouse, Fronton. This wine is perfect for an aperitif, blackcurrant, pepper, it’s an explosion of smells.

You should go across the bridge… First you will find Nicolas in his cellar Ma Cave à Vin and secondly you should have a look at the view from this side of the Garonne ! ;)

Find some more about this place and all the events on the website, facebook and twitter !